Lab of Synthetic Biology and Cellular Engineering

My research focuses on the regulation and engineering of interconnected cellular networks which govern the behavior of many subcellular systems.


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News this year


5/8/2019: Congratulations to Guo on the best poster award at the 2019 UNH Bioengineering Symposium.

4/24/2019: Justin and Joseph presented their work on heavy metal bioremediation at the 2019 URC-ISE.

4/24/2019: Our work on fast genome editing in Bacillus subtilis by Guo and Erin was accepted by Engineering in Life Sciences.

4/12/2019: Congratulations to Joseph, Adam, and Griffin on the SURF award.

4/12/2019: Congratulations to Mrinal on the REAP award.

3/27/2019: Our collaborative work on arsenic biosensors was accepted by Applied and Environmental Microbiology.

1/22/2019: Welcome Joseph to our group!